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Wooden Cat Cage, No Odor Cages

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? Wooden cat cage, natural color, with natural flavor, delicate materials, safe, non-toxic, transparent, clear, comfortable, elegant and beautiful ? Stylish and versatile cat cage, whether you are living in the living room or the bedroom, this is very good. You can put it attentively and easy to match. The scene is your choice. ? The texture is hard, the structure of the finished product is firm, the service life is long, the natural wood grain is clear, and the texture is beautiful and natural. ? The design of the side fence can effectively straighten the ventilation and ventilation of the villa, and it will not make the cat owner feel stuffy and breathe more freely. ? Thick design, sturdy and durable, there is enough space inside, you can put the kittens in the bowl in the empty space, practical and practical, keep your cat cage pet cat comfortable and comfortable. Have a question?

Wooden Cat Cage, No Odor Wooden Cat Cage, No Odor Wooden Cat Cage, No Odor Wooden Cat Cage, No Odor Wooden Cat Cage, No Odor Wooden Cat Cage, No Odor Wooden Cat Cage, No Odor

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