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ONE Aurora 114MM Reflector Telescope Binoculars & Scopes

Binoculars & Scopes

  • Size: 114mm -- Aurora
  • With a substantial aperture of 4 ? inches, the Explore One 114mm Aurora Reflector Telescope is designed to unveil exhilarating deep sky treasures. Offering a focal length of 500 mm and equipped with two premium Plossl eyepieces, this reflector model allows the user to experience ancient starlight in the form of galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. To produce its well-defined images, the scope combines superior optics and a sturdy mount with smooth motion controls. It also comes with a fully adjustable metal tripod, a red dot finder for locating coveted celestial targets and astronomy software.
  • Two interchangeable Plossl eyepieces give you magnifications of 20x and 52x.
  • Slow-motion controls allow for subtle adjustments when moving the telescope up, down and side to side.
  • Full size tripod is fully adjustable and includes an accessory tray for holding extra eyepiece.
  • Use the red dot finder and included astronomy software to locate observing targets.

ONE Aurora 114MM Reflector Telescope ONE Aurora 114MM Reflector Telescope ONE Aurora 114MM Reflector Telescope ONE Aurora 114MM Reflector Telescope ONE Aurora 114MM Reflector Telescope ONE Aurora 114MM Reflector Telescope ONE Aurora 114MM Reflector Telescope

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