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Drums Stallion Professional Djembe, Large Djembes

Musical Instruments,Djembes Djembes

  • The X8 Drums Stallion Pro African djembe drum is a masterpiece in both design and sound. The sleek black finish compliments its professional tonal range. This is a players drum that will last a lifetime and satisfy even the most discriminating percussionist.
  • The Stallion Pro African djembe drum is a professional level djembe that sounds absolutely fantastic and is built to perfection.
  • Each drum is made from legally harvested/Government inspected and certified Mahogany.
  • 25.5" Tall x 13.5" Head, 35 sets of rope runners
  • Natural, unbleached goatskin drum head for authentic look and sound.
  • Lateral groove/rough surfaced carvings on interior bowl to reduce overtones

Drums Stallion Professional Djembe, Large

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